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Access to the General Curriculum

In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, schools are responsible for
providing students who are receiving special education services the opportunity to participate in school
through the least restrictive environment. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires that
students with disabilities have access to the general curriculum, be involved in the general curriculum,
and progress in the general curriculum.

As general education classrooms become more inclusive, strategies for providing access to the general
curriculum are needed so that students with disabilities are actively involved and progress within the
curriculum in these classrooms.

At Region 15 we strive to provide resources and training opportunities in

  • Inclusion

  • Co-Teaching

  • PLAAFP/IEP development

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Specifically Designed Instruction

  • Any area that hinders academic progress

Contact for more information:

Access to the General Curriculum:

Valerie Moos
Phone: 325-481-4053

Administrative Assistant:

Sharon Vick
Phone: 325-658-6571 ext. 2138









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